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Maximizing benefit to the outsourcing companies is the mission of the company. Leveraging experience of the founders and capable team members in software outsourcing, the company is poised to provide advantage of lean execution to its customers in software development, maintenance, support and technical documentation. Our execution model is centered around building a team of skilled manpower to suit the customer's requirements with minimum overheads in the execution. This in turn makes our execution cost beneficial for our customers.

Kizora Software Private Limited is located in Nagpur (India). Kizora provides IT services to small and mid-size businesses in India and Overseas.
 About founders

Our core offerings are:
  • Software Development
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Technical Documentation

Offering experience on different business verticals and techology areas, the company has a team of software professionals who can quickly understand, learn, develop and deliver software to customers.

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