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Software Development:

Effecitve Software development is carried out by adapting most suitable model from SDLC steps:
  • Well defined details and desing of software components
  • Easy and open integration with other software components.
  • Testing of individual software modules and integrated software solution.
  • Easy to use UI design where applicable.

Making software development more effective:
  • Thorough review of code and rigorous testing before delivery to the customers
  • Track activities using project management tools
  • Create/Maintain assignment related documentation

Our expertise are available to work on:
  • Adding new features and enhancements to existing products.
  • Software development from conceptualization phase to deployment phase.

Our Value addition
We carry out extensive study and comparison of Open Source softwares and tools available on various platforms and operating systems. This activity is intended to benefit the assignments we undertake with our customers to reduce the repetition of development effort where possible.

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